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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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all new today on "right this minute" -- >> where are you? >> she's an internet star for her singing. even though -- >> she has a tracheotomy tube. >> the story behind the little girl with a hit flash floods force a man on to a deep boulder. >> and he got stuck. >> pulling off one dangerous rescue. watch out fashion world. >> a llama is here. >> what it takes to go from rookie to runway star at 17. and -- >> two, one, zero. >> we have liftoff to outer space for -- >> the beer odyssey. >> why it's a small slurp for man, one giant leap for one
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gentlemen. because they can ? where are you ? >> can you tell what she's singing? she is singing "tinkle tinkle little star" and she has a tracheotomy tube. ? little olivia has to put her finger in the tube so that she can actually get some of the words out. but for whatever reason, she is becoming such a little sensation is because she's had this tracheotomy tube since she is really young. she is now 3 1/2 years old. but the reason she has this in in the first place, she was born prematurely at 25 weeks. >> whoa. >> yeah. she had to have a breathing tube and every time they tried to take it off and remove it, she still had trouble breathing. the next best option is to put a tracheotomy tube in her that she's had the entire time. >> shows you how resilient kids
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they can find the fun, the joy. it's obvious on her face and in the voice and in the video. ? twinkle, twinkle where are you ? >> she was making the best of it. she is like, oh, please, i have a song to sing. >> yeah. but it's not just that obviously because of that issue, she's also had speech developmental issues, so the fact that she's still singing and trying to speak and she's doing it scleer clearly, it's a huge accomplishment. >> do you know will she be able to live life without the tracheotomy. >> according to reports she will eventually have to have it removed. she will have a scar but that's inconsequential to how beautiful her life will be. >> hi, kids. >> i feel like we're all in this together, man. help out your fellow man.
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rock, this fella went out, it was a nice quiet river. at least it was until he got to that particular rock and then suddenly the waters just rose. they started thundering past and he got himself stuck. >> flash flood? >> yeah. there were members of the army who were around. a bit of a crowd is gathered as well. not too dramatic. he manages to get a ladder, makes his way over to this guy. you can see there seems to be some sort of dropoff right there behind him, but he knows exactly gets that flotation device. and then helps him immensely make his way safely up the rocks. >> this next video, which i bring up because ironically just a couple days ago, we had a video on the show where he was helping to rescue some people. well, this time it's his son. now everybody is super excited. they got the camera rolling. at the moment it seems like a relatively calm and easy river. as we get closer to the rapids,
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amount of white water. >> that's kind of how the ride starts at the theme park. it's all nice and quiet at the beginning and then the rough stuff. >> that's exactly what we're heading into. >> tips it over. watch how quickly these guys are rescued. it's like he weighs nothing, straight out of the water on to this rock. gets everybody on board. he is so prepared, they have an extra oar inside. he starts immediately again. ? i'm 17. and i'm from cedar rapids, iowa. >> alana is here, watch out world. we introduce this rookie model. >> the shows i've done before, everybody loves.
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deal. it's the last thing they're going to remember and oftentimes the closing model as well will then walk out with the designer. >> well, there's an agency today that take girls, they groom them, help them, get them to be big stars basically. >> to be such a young model, she has quite a few notches on her belt including louis vuitton. she talks about her management and how they put her on the right career. >> they they're like my second parents. >> they brought her from iowa. here she is from a small town iowa taking a bite out of the big apple. this girl's got it going on. she is getting opportunities that she never even dreamed of. >> i just got an e-mail regarding elana. she is supposed to leave the casting she is at right now and go for a fitting at vbs. it's a no brainer. it's an opportunity you can't not take. >> she'll be walking in that show for fall '16.
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because they have huge that will eat you up. >> you think she would be insecure with some of these other models that she is working with for this particular show. you see very well known models, but nope. she is there owning it. before moving she played basketball and believes that the principal that she learned playing basketball has helped her in modelling. don't worry, we've got it under control. >> >> the very last treat. big touchdown, 20 in the last few years. they know what they're doing. they clearly have the truck latched to the tree. they'll pull it away interest that shed. >> he's going to gun it. it will be great. >> right. here we go. >> go, go, go!
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>> the best part about this, though, is the guy behind the camera is as chill as a cold beer on a summer day. [ laughter ]. >> thanks, captain obvious. >> it gets better. >> whose idea was this? >> good question. probably yours. >> that's a tool shed and it's not really used for something important. >> you're right. it does have tools and other things, but some stuff did get damaged. >> killed my kayak. >> oh, the kayak is dead. but thankfully the wife wasn't around to see this. >> yet. >> so what exactly went wrong? >> it slipped. it didn't fall. it slipped off. >> it didn't fall. it slipped. do you really call it a fail? i say you have to give them credit for all the other ones you got right. don't worry about this one that went wrong. you're 20 for 1.
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field. >> he completed the spartan race but -- >> he starts walking back towards the fire pit. >> you're going the wrong way. >> why it seems he's about to face his biggest obstacle yet. >> oh, wow. >> out of the frying pan into the fire. plus, a waterfall that will take your breath away. >> this is a waterfall -- >> a look at the mesmerizing force of nature. >> if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. that is wild. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world.
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gi closed captioning provide by -- kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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effect guy -- >> whoa. >> whoa. that is wild. >> yeah, it is wild. it is awesome. it's amazing. all your big words you can describe this waterfall you can use. this is a hooka waterfall or the mouth of the teapot for translation. this waterfall is on the yellow river, the second largest in china. this time of year september and november when heavy r you get these amazing rushing waters that look like something you see in the mummies. >> if all those people standing around aren't in danger, it's all set up for people to experience. >> tourists are encouraged to go to this area. normally that waterfall is 110 yards across. when the water rushes, it kicks up to 320 yards across. >> you can tell. you can see the posts where the fence is obviously when people
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months. they're all completely flooded. >> it's fascinating created some infrastructure to make this work. where to guide the water, where people can stand while this water is rushing down. >> i would love to take a trip to go because they encourage tourists to check it out if they happen to be in the grand canyon. that's what they call it. >> the chinese niagara falls. >> uh-huh. this video starts at the fitness race. now he just went over that fire jump, but he is super excited not so much because of the race but because of what he's about to do. [ cheers and applause ]. >> oh, yes. >> she stopped. she was like, no. >> wow. out of the frying pan into the fire. >> yep. and she stopped for a second,
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that very last obstacle and right into his arms. >> yeah! >> extreme version of jumping the broom. >> i was just thinking that. there will be trial, error and fire. go ahead and do it now. >> it's such a cute moment. they've been dating for only 10 months, but he knew she was the one. he said back from even when they started dating, he shared with her his these races that he does. she was all enthusiastic about it. here she is completing that journey they embarked on together only to end at the beginning of the rest of their life journey. [ cheers and applause ].
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things? well, why, charity? why? you tell me. i want to know. >> you got the answer clearly. >> was a they're awesome. >> exactly, because they can. for example, in a situation that we've all experienced -- >> my [ bleep ] hasn't been working. >> it's the middle of summer and your air-conditioning is just blowing 100 degree hot air in your face. you can build a red neck ac. >> yeah. they call it the 260, right, two windows, 6 >> here we go. he has two bits of pipe coming out the top. he opens up, inside you have ice packs. >> it works. i made one of these. >> really, how? >> i did. i made it for my garage when i was out working in the garage. it does work. >> cody, you're my new hero. close second place, 2001 space odyssey this is 2016 beer odyssey. you can tell from the angle
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where is this beer going? way over there. >> to the neighbor's house. >> it's further than the neighbor's house. >> event getting to this large grassy area out removed from these places. guys, hanging out, chilling out. he reaches up, gets himself a nice, ice cold beer. there you go, ladies and gentlemen, because they can. >> oh. ? >> that's lipstick with a flower inside and also looks like flecks of gold. >> see what it looks like once it goes on the lips. and freestyle slam dunks on a speeding train. >> i introduce to you the dunking devil. >> watch these pros in action.
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for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliates, smoothes, softens. reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. for those of you in the know and those of you like me who never heard of it, i gf you the jelly flower that's right, that's lipstick with a flower inside. those flecks of gold are edible. >> okay. >> this woman does a review of the jelly flower lipsticks. >> okay. are we ready? oh my god. ? hallelujah ? >> oh my god, how pretty is that? >> she realizes it's more like a stain. when she puts it on her hand, you see a very faint trace.
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lips, it acts like a stain. the stain leaks out if you go right to the edge. you have to stay on the inside but i'm thinking if you want a lipstick to stay a long time, this may be the thing. >> i think it's more of a novelty than it is a functional lipstick. i wao see my color. if i want a lip balm, i want my lip balm. this is more of a novelty because there is a flower in it. it looks cool, but, you know, i like my ? >> water bowls --. ? this video is giving me a
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a little nba slam dunk contest. >> oh, yeah. i forgot the speeding train part. >> the little thing you forgot. >> i introduce to you the dunken devils. >> oh, cool. >> what are you doing! >> holy cow! >> okay. i'm in. this is cool. >> this entire video showcases these dudes and their mad skills on a speeding train. >> they tour around the world in can do a minute show to a 90-minute show. >> they have to be extremely careful because if they lose the ball, what are they going to do? >> show is over. >> yeah. >> anybody bring another ball? >> other than your own, does anyone have extras? >> this particular video is to celebrate 110 years of the railway in slovenia. it's called the most beautiful railway in europe. >> check this out. dude hits the trampoline, spins
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another friend -- >> absolutely incredible. these guys are bonkers. >> get out! >> boo yo! give them a little dirty bird action there. >> i think it's safe to say you can't try any of this at home. >> time to learn how to prank someone using a car's backup camera. and rich ferguson takes us through the steps how to pull this one off. >> so messed up.
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them, head to our website, click on tv show or use our mobile app. just in case anybody in is confused, these are tears of joy. >> oh my god. >> this girl came back from a long overseas trip to quite the surprise. >> we have a dog! >> ah. >> beautiful pooch. >> ironically her cry sounds very much like a puppy.
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look at the instant kisses. >> so precious. >> every time you get a dog when they're brand new, it's so wonderful and they're sweet. >> finally she is like i will put the rose in the water down so i can get some puppy love. >> i have a dog. >> it's like love all around. your heart expands like three sizes. >> so many pranks on the show and i imagine some of your viewers are saying i want to get in on the action but i don't know how. thankfully our buddy rich ferguson has a good one. >> you're going to make something appear like a zombie or maybe a screaming kid or police officer. >> so many cars these days have those rear view cameras to assist you backing up and rich ferguson takes us through the steps how to pull this one off. >> so messed up. so wrong. and i feel like a crash is about
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>> exactly. >> the great one. >> i am on board. i have already in my head momentarily figured out who we would do. spiders, anything. it wasn't you. >> all right. let me show you how you can make these. >> whatever you want to choose, go on the internet and find any kind of picture you think you might want to put on the camera. rich likes the zombie. you can do a pice car, a small child. >> a photo of the kids. >> that's so messed up. >> here is w you find your picture and print it out. >> at first guess you might think you're going to print these really small. in fact, you'll print half a page. >> you want to leave some of the paper at the bottom once you cut it out. that piece of paper is going to act as like the mouse, so to speak. >> it will be a structure in which you put tape so you adhere this to the back of the license. >> i was just thinking about the date that i had to be at work at 3:00 a.m.
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having this thing pop up on me. [ screaming ] >> actually it would wake you up. >> i would drive through the building. [ laughter ]. >> oh my god, don't hit that guy. >> rick shows us a couple images here. it's effective. >> this guy want our money. >> there he is. watch out. >> super easy prank to pull off. have fun with it. be careful. >> that's our lineup of great videos today. check out for lots more. we'll see you
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it's september 7th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." >> got it got it. >> a woman tells a school boy to run after he just escapes being kidnapped. >> how a crowd tries to comfort one terrified kid. she's a 700 pound bbw model with a large f see why monica riley's goal is to get so much bigger. a trapped cow tenses up when he hears that sound. >> coming near your head with a chainsaw. >> how it turns into a rescue by one handy man. we've got christian, oli, charity, gayle and nick breaking down the hot videos on the web, including the newest way for guys with wives to check in.


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